Kemmerling, Katharina Isabella Viktoria

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Katharina Isabella Viktoria
Kemmerling, Katharina Isabella Viktoria

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  • Publication
    Times of Waste – Handling Matter. Symposium.
    (2021) Caviezel, Flavia; Bürgin, Mirjam; Kemmerling, Katharina Isabella Viktoria; Caviezel, Flavia [in: Times of Waste – Handling Matter. Symposium.]
    The Symposium Times of Waste – Handling Matter is an online event conceptualized and curated by the research team Times of Waste at FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel, realized in collaboration with the Cluster Matters of Activity at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (MoA) and the Kunstgewerbemuseum der Staatlichen Museen Berlin (KGM). The event took place on Zoom from 17.-18.6.2021 and was providing a platform to discuss the engagement with (waste) material as well as response/able and careful ways of handling materiality in sciences, arts and collections. All the edited videos of the participant's contributions are published online on the project's website.
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