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    Benefits of card walls in agile software development. A systematic literature review
    (Springer, 2022) Sallin, Marc; Kropp, Martin; Stray, Viktoria; Stol, Klaas-Jan; Paasivaara, Maria; Kruchten, Philippe [in: Agile processes in software engineering and extreme programming]
    Card walls are often used to visualize various aspects of the software development process. They are an essential and widespread agile practice. Despite the drawback of physical card walls, its digital version is often not considered a sufficient alternative. This paper aims to find the reason for this and suggests how to evolve digital card walls into a viable alternative. We conducted a systematic literature review and analyzed twenty-two studies. We identified which desirable effects agile teams get from card wall usage and derived a set of properties a card wall needs to achieve those effects. Furthermore, we suggested a typology of card walls to compare the benefits and challenges among them.
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    Waste self-reporting for software development productivity improvement
    (Springer, 2023) Sallin, Marc; Kropp, Martin; Anslow, Craig; Biddle, Robert; Stettina, Christoph J.; Garbajosa, Juan; Kruchten, Philippe [in: Agile processes in software engineering and extreme programming]
    Little research has been done on enabling software development teams to self-report waste to assist in productivity improvement. This study created a waste categorization and survey for teams to identify and quantify wasteful activities. Developers from a Swiss company used the survey for three weeks. Participants found the survey helpful for identifying waste but there was little evidence that self-reported waste correlated with improved performance.
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    Measuring Software Delivery Performance Using the Four Key Metrics of DevOps
    (Springer, 2021) Sallin, Marc; Kropp, Martin; Anslow, Craig; Quilty, James W.; Meier, Andreas; Gregory, Peggy; Lassenius, Casper; Wang, Xiaofeng; Kruchten, Philippe [in: Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming]
    The Four Key Metrics of DevOps have become very popular for measuring IT-performance and DevOps adoption. However, the measurement of the four metrics deployment frequency, lead time for change, time to restore service and change failure rate is often done manually and through surveys - with only few data points. In this work we evaluated how the Four Key Metrics can be measured automatically and developed a prototype for the automatic measurement of the Four Key Metrics. We then evaluated if the measurement is valuable for practitioners in a company. The analysis shows that the chosen measurement approach is both suitable and the results valuable for the team with respect to measuring and improving the software delivery performance.
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