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Zahnd, This


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    Modeling-based approach towards quality by design for a telescoped process
    (Schweizerische Chemische Gesellschaft, 2024) Zahnd, This; Kandziora, Maja; Levis, Michael K.; Zogg, Andreas [in: Chimia]
    A telescoped, two-step synthesis was investigated by applying Quality by Design principles. A kinetic model consisting of 12 individual reactions was successfully established to describe the synthesis and side reactions. The resulting model predicts the effects of changes in process parameters on total yield and quality. Contour plots were created by varying process parameters and displaying the model predicted process response. The areas in which the process response fulfils predetermined quality requirements are called design spaces. New ranges for process parameters were explored within these design spaces. New conditions were found that increased the robustness of the process and allowed for a considerable reduction of the used amounts of a reagent. Further optimizations, based on the newly generated knowledge, are expected. Improvements can either be direct process improvements or enhancements to control strategies. The developed strategies can also be applied to other processes, enhancing upcoming and preexisting research and development efforts.
    01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift
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    Modeling-Based Approach Towards Quality by Design for a Telescoped Process
    (Hochschule für Life Sciences FHNW, 2022) Zogg, Andreas; Zahnd, This; Zogg, Andreas; Siegfried AG
    A synthesis step, consisting of two sub-steps A and B was investigated by applying a model based approach. Deepening the process understanding was achieved through performed experiments, which also led to the generation of valuable knowledge for future improvements. A kinetic model consisting of 12 reactions and 15 components was successfully established. The model predicts the effects of changes in process parameters on quality. On this basis recommendations for process optimizations have been formulated.
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