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    Effects of Home Office on employees’ working conditions during Covid 19 crisis in Switzerland
    (2021) Schulte, Volker; Steinebach, Christoph; Verkuil, Arie Hans; Gerber, Aurona; Hinkelmann, Knut [in: Society 5.0 2021. Proceedings of the first international conference on Society 5.0]
    The current pandemic poses special challenges for employees. A sur-vey was conducted in April and May 2020. The impact of the switch to home office on the living circumstances, quality of life and well-being was investi-gated. 333 respondents (female 62%, male 38%) participated in this survey. The results show there during these weeks a high level of well-being in the home office. More than 70% of respondents feel comfortable in home office and would like to maintain this type of work organization after the corona crisis. Leadership is a decisive factor. Working conditions at home (suitable working environment, undisturbed work) are less decisive for well-being than good leadership by the superior. Findings show the necessity of clear communication rules, so that em-ployees are optimally integrated into the work processes and content. In addition, a high degree of personal autonomy in the home office and, at the same time, close integration into the team is important for the well-being of employees. Em-ployees would like to keep the autonomy they gained even after the crisis. How-ever, there are increasing demands due to digital leadership. Under these condi-tions, leadership means providing orientation and support from a physical dis-tance, as well as promoting the autonomy of the employee. As a negative impact of Home Office, it can be stated that employees miss regular social exchange with colleagues. In consequence, the presence at the workplace should be used as quality time for building sustainable and resilient working relationships.
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    Because the way to the heart is through the stomach. Psychological prevention and intervention of eating disorders
    (Innextra srl, 07.07.2015) Schulte, Volker; Steinebach, Christoph; Volkart, Anne-Christine; Teepe, Karin; Zucconi, Alberto; Tummino, Micol; Bollati, Martina; Widmann, Martina [in: The 14th European Congress of Psychology, Milan, Italy, 7-10th July 2015. Linking technology and psychology. Feeding the mind, energy for life. Abstract Book EIS 133]
    Social conditions, cultural norms, and individual needs determine our eating habits. Eating disorders lead to severe impairments that lead not only to individual but also social, and societal harm. Prevention and therapeutic services are aimed at changing the individual behavior and to forge a lasting Influence on problematic emotions, cognitions and social factors. It is becoming increasingly clear that a consideration of the basic needs of the individual, their strengths, and resources must complement the traditionally on deficits oriented interventions. In this symposium we offer an analysis of current eating disorders as a social as well as individual problem. We reflect on strategies of health promotion and psychotherapy In different countries.
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    Innovative perspectives on workplace health promotion across the lifespan. Psychological innovation and health related advocacy for Swiss UpStart SMEs
    (01.06.2015) Schulte, Volker; Steinebach, Christoph; Verkuil, Arie Hans [in: Global harmony for occupational health. Bridge the world. ICOH 31st International Congress on Occupational Health, May 31 - June 5 2015, Seoul, Korea]
    Economic growth needs a new understanding and new concepts for sustainable health related advocacy. Corporate mental health approaches and workplace health promotion become an important goal of health promotion across the lifespan. In 2014/15 we introduce a corporate health policy to more than 100 start ups in Switzerland.
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    Health promotion at the work place. The case of palliative care teams
    (11.07.2014) Schulte, Volker; Kortum, Evelyn; Steinebach, Christoph [in: International Congess of Applied Psychology]
    Workplace health promotion is a strategy to improve the health and well-being of people at work. The measures aim at the personal, organisational and work environment. The study will highlight the state of the art of workplace health promotion programs promoted by WHO and will combine these aspects with the challenges for health workers in Palliative Care teams.
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