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Zeller, Ludwig


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    Sonic Imagination – Speculative Auditory Environments in Public Space
    (06.09.2022) Zeller, Ludwig; Rumori, Martin
    The presentation shall give an overview of our recent artistic media research project ›Sonic Imagination‹, carried out in Basel at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). The project aimed to investigate the idea that binaural audio in augmented environments is particularly suitable for triggering and directing imaginations within human inner perception. Our assumption was that the binaural listening to imaginary entities at the place of recording (so to speak ‘in-situ’) enhances the imagination in a special way, since sound as a non-visual medium favours the creation of images in human inner perception. We therefore worked with a specific site that we regarded as our laboratory, the Freilager Platz in Basel, forming a part of the campus of FHNW. We developed and juxtaposed two separate scenarios for our aesthetic research. Firstly, in the context of our interest in simulation techniques for participatory urbanism, we sonically reenacted the historic ›I Have A Dream‹ speech by Martin Luther King on the campus. We restored the archived recordings of King’s speech and designed an audio bed that offers the impression that the famous speech contra-factually is taking place on our campus in the here and now of the listeners. Secondly, we reconstructed the activity of the Israeli ›Iron Dome‹ missile interception system during the 2021 conflict with Gaza based on a YouTube video uploaded by ‘The Telegraph’ (of course without foreseeing the raised attention the Iron Dome would gain recently in Europe due to the war in the Ukraine). The presentation will focus on the technical realisation of the scenarios as reactive mobile applications but will also give some insights that were gained from their qualitative evaluation. ›Sonic Imagination‹ has been funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).
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    OpenSoundLab – A virtual sound laboratory for the arts
    (ACM, 2022) Zeller, Ludwig; Barfuss, Hannes [in: AudioMostly 2022 (AM '22), September 06-09, 2022, St. Pölten, Austria]
    How can a virtual sound laboratory allow for new and exciting ways of sonic interaction in the context of the arts? Our project addresses this question by developing the virtual sound lab ‘OpenSoundLab’ (as an open-source fork of ‘SoundStage VR’ by Logan Olson) that introduces to the artistic and musical production of sonic media with the help of the VR goggles ‘Meta Quest 2’. The aim is to combine the physical experience of working on spatial experimental systems, which is often perceived as positive and productive, with the advantages of digital tools and thus to enable independent learning and experimentation. The virtual lab allows to become familiar with the basics of creative sound generation and processing. Specially produced video tutorials play a central role here, which can be viewed at any time within the virtual environment and thus make it possible to study in individual lab environments independently of time and place. Furthermore, ‘OpenSoundLab’ may serve as an open-source tool for the professional and academic community of musicians, performers, and artists alike. In our reflection, we develop the notion of ‘cooking’ sound while ‘flowing’ in a mixed environment and apply this to experimental work in a virtual sound laboratory.
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    Sonic Imagination - Sensor Firmware
    (09.11.2021) Zeller, Ludwig; Rumori, Martin
    Der Sensor wurde im Rahmen des SNF-Projekts ‹Sonic Imagination› entwickelt. https://www.ludwigzeller.net/projects/sonic-imagination/
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    Sonic Imagination. Aural Environments as Speculative Artefacts
    (xCoAx, 07/2021) Zeller, Ludwig; Rumori, Martin; Verdiccio, Mario; Carvalhais, Miguel; Ribas, Luísa; Rangel, André [in: xCoAx 2021. 9th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X]
    The human imagination received a discursive gain regarding its societal and economic importance as a cognitive resource in the course of the 20th and 21st century. This situation motivated the emergence of imagination tech- niques of which we discuss several briefly in this paper. The various forma- tions of ‘speculative’ strategies within art and design can be seen as a recent extension to this tendency. While such strategies are usually predominantly visual, we suggested in our earlier research and practice (‘The Institute of Sonic Epistemologies’) that aural techniques might be equally suited to stim- ulate the human imagination, since such approaches leave the visual senses open for mental imagery in the human mind. We found these early explora- tions to be fruitful and decided to further our understanding of the aesthetic, fictional and medial factors being at work when aural environments trig- ger the human imagination. Against this backdrop, the present article is a working paper on ‘aurally induced mental imagery’ that covers a literature overview of the neuropsychology of the human imagination and discusses an eclectic corpus of sound work, which we query for the above-mentioned factors.
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    Life Is Good For Now
    (Christoph Merian Verlag, 29.05.2015) Zeller, Ludwig; Hopfengärtner, Bernd
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