Vetter, Ariane

Vetter, Ariane


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    The Association of Agile Methods, Team processes and Engagement
    (05/2019) Knecht, Michaela; Baumgartner, Marcel; Krause, Andreas; Mumenthaler, Jonas; Vetter, Ariane; Vollmer, Albert
    Purpose Agile working is becoming more and more prevalent. Agile working is highly flexible. Agile teams do not follow a long-term project schedule but they plan step-by-step and decide continuously what delivers most values to the customer or user. Agile teams use several different methods to implement agile working. In the current study, we focus on the agile methods iterations and retrospective meetings. An iteration is a short two to four weeks single development cycle, where a team finishes several tasks (in the software context a running software). In retrospective meetings, teams reflect and analyze their way of work. Aim of the current study is to assess association between agile methods, team processes and engagement of the employees. Design/Methodology The sample consists of N = 148 employees nested in 33 teams, working as software developer in three Swiss companies, mostly males (87%). Multi-level regression analyses will be conducted to assess the relations for individuals and teams. Results First results show a positive association between agile methods and several team processes such as team autonomy, team job crafting, or team resilience. Furthermore, there is a positive relationship between agile methods and engagement. Data analysis is still ongoing. Limitations It is a cross-sectional study with a sample of only software developer. Research/Practical Implication The study suggests positive effects of agile methods on team processes that go along with higher engagement. Originality/Value This study adds to the small empirical database on the IO-psychological aspects of effects of agile practices.
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    Do attributions matter when task conflict becomes personal?
    (International Association for Conflict Management, 2019) Vollmer, Albert; Vetter, Ariane [in: The 32nd Annual Conference of the IACM, Dublin, Ireland]
    When agile teams attribute their task conflict to characteristics of their group members and their interactions, they experience more relationship conflicts and perceive their job as less manageable, meaningful and comprehensible.
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    Konfliktbearbeitung im Coaching
    (Springer, 2017) Vollmer, Albert; Vetter, Ariane; Greif, Siegfried; Möller, Heidi; Scholl, Wolfgang [in: Handbuch Schlüsselkonzepte im Coaching]
    Konflikte gehören zu den zentralen Themen im Coaching. Die Aufgabe von Coaches ist es, Klienten bei der Bearbeitung von Konflikten zu unterstützen. Dafür braucht es grundlegende Kenntnisse darüber, was Konflikte sind, wie sie entstehen, welche Formen sie annehmen können und wie man damit umgehen kann. Dadurch kann der Coach Klienten auf fundierte Weise helfen, eine Konfliktsituation zu verstehen und geeignete Maßnahmen zu ergreifen.
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