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Conrad, Sarah-Jane

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  • Publication
    Being children: children’s voices on childhood
    (18.03.2016) Cassidy, Claire; Conrad, Sarah-Jane Focal Meeting
    Situated in the context of the children’s rights, this paper reports on a study involving children from ten countries and five continents in philosophical discussions about child and childhood. Here we focus on five of those countries. In a previous study, two of the authors explored in what kind of society children would like to live. The study revealed, though not explicitly stated by the children, that they did not see themselves as active agents in society. The present study addresses this issue directly and aims to investigate what children think childhood is and what their place in society is or should be. The study raises issues around how children’s conceptions of child and childhood have implications in considering children’s participation.
    04 - Beitrag Sammelband oder Konferenzschrift