Thönssen, Barbara

Thönssen, Barbara


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    Modeling for learning in public administrations. The Learn PAd Approach
    (Springer, 2016) De Angelis, Guglielmo; Pierantonio, Alfonso; Polini, Andrea; Re, Barbara; Thönssen, Barbara; Woitsch, Robert; Karagiannis, Dimitris; Mayr, Heinrich C.; Mylopoulos, John [in: Domain-Specific Conceptual Modeling : Concepts, Methods and Tools]
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    A new paradigm for the continuous alignment of business and IT: combining enterprise architecture modelling and enterprise ontology
    (Elsevier, 2016) Hinkelmann, Knut; Gerber, Aurona; Karagiannis, Dimitris; Thönssen, Barbara; van der Merwe, Alta; Woitsch, Robert [in: Computers in Industry]
    The paper deals with Next Generation Enterprise Information Systems in the context of Enterprise Engineering. The continuous alignment of business and IT in a rapidly changing environment is a grand challenge for today’s enterprises. The ability to react timeously to continuous and unexpected change is called agility and is an essential quality of the modern enterprise. Being agile has consequences for the engineering of enterprises and enterprise information systems. In this paper a new paradigm for next generation enterprise information systems is proposed, which shifts the development approach of model-driven engineering to continuous alignment of business and IT for the agile enterprise. It is based on a metamodelling approach, which supports both human-interpretable graphical enterprise architecture and machine-interpretable enterprise ontologies. Furthermore, next generation enterprise information systems are described, which embed modelling tools and algorithms for model analysis.
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    Business Architecture for Process- Oriented Learning in Public Administration
    (2015) Silingas, Darius; Thönssen, Barbara; Pierantonio, Alfonso; Efendioglu, Nesat; Woitsch, Robert [in: Business and Dynamic Change: the Arrival of Business Architecture]
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    Architectures for Business Processess in Organizations
    (2015) Thönssen, Barbara; Pierantonio, Alfonso; Silingas, Darius; Rosa, Gianni; Woitsch, Robert [in: Procs. Project Showcase (PS’15), Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations (STAF’15)]
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