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    Reproduktive Gerechtigkeit - Gestalterische Mittel, die Wege aus dem Stigma?
    (Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW, 2023) Mayer, Franziska; Yildrim Tschoepe , Aylin; Ibach, Merle
    Im Rahmen dieser Arbeit1 wird untersucht, wie durch szenische und grafische Gestaltung das Verständnis und der Umgang mit dem Thema Abtreibung beeinflusst werden kann. Es stellt sich die Frage ob und wie die Art und Weise, wie über Abtreibungen gesprochen wird, neugestaltet werden kann. Gibt es gestalterische Ansätze, die die Vermittlung von Abtreibung vereinfachen oder sich besonders gut eignen? Dazu werden verschiedene gestalterische Umsetzungen herangezogen, welche sich mit dem Thema Abtreibung befassen. Das Ziel der Arbeit besteht darin dazu beizutragen, das bestehende Stigma in Bezug auf Abtreibung zu mindern und der Thematik mehr Zugänglichkeit zu verleihen.
    11 - Studentische Arbeit
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    Digital Tools for Collaborative Design Processes
    (Swiss Design Network, 2021) Greiner-Petter, Moritz; Ibach, Merle; Zürich, Swiss Design Network [in: Swiss Design Network: Design as Common Good]
    Diverse practices of collaboration in design, research, teaching, or academia increasingly rely on digital online tools to facilitate processes of working and creating together. But a lot of the available digital platforms are not necessarily designed with the particular needs of these respective practices in mind. Rather, they might focus on commercial contexts, be built on limiting assumptions about work practices and collaboration, or simply lack capabilities for a substantial support of specific knowledge and creative practices within more diverse collaborative settings. In this paper, we take an exemplary look at three widely-used digital collaboration tools and their capacities and limitations to support collaborative design processes in particular. We aim to highlight a few of their embedded dispositions and built-in understandings of collaboration, creativity or productivity and suggest some aspirations for alternative designs.
    04B - Beitrag Konferenzschrift
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    Shifts in Mapping. Maps as a Tool of Knowledge
    (transcript, 2021) Schranz, Christine
    Depicting the world, territory, and geopolitical realities involves a high degree of interpretation and imagination. It is never neutral. Cartography originated in ancient times to represent the world and to enable circulation, communication, and economic exchange. Today, IT companies are a driving force in this field and change our view of the world; how we communicate, navigate, and consume globally. Questions of privacy, authorship, and economic interests are highly relevant to cartography's practices. So how to deal with such powers and what is the critical role of cartography in it? How might a bottom-up perspective (and actions) in map-making change the conception of a geopolitical space?
    03 - Sammelband
  • Publikation First Aid for the First Step into the Profession in Art and Design
    (Quodlibet, 01/2021) Grosso Ciponte, Angela; Silvestri, Danilo; Sokoloff Feldges, Catherine; Bosco, Alessandra; Gasparotto, Silvia [in: Updating Values. Perspectives on Design Education]
    04B - Beitrag Konferenzschrift
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    Almer Augmented Reality Glasses
    (Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW, 03.02.2022) Franciszkiewicz, Lukas
    Almer Technologies partnered with the ICDP to design standalone augmented reality glasses. Fueled by the growing demand for sustainable alternatives to business travel and remote assistance solutions in industry, Almer’s mission is to revolutionize customer support applications by offering an easy-to-use augmented reality hard- and software solution. The aim of the research collaboration was to lead the product and experience design by focusing on user-centred design principles. The developed prototype product features a patented optical system with outstanding image performance integrated in an incredible lightweight and compact AR headset.
    05 - Forschungs- oder Arbeitsbericht