Nussli, Natalie

Nussli, Natalie


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    Culturally responsive pedagogy, Universal Design for Learning, ubiquitous learning, and seamless learning. How these paradigms inform the intentional design of learner-centered online learning environments
    (IGI Global, 02/2021) Nussli, Natalie; Oh, Kevin; Panconesi, Gianni; Guida, Maria [in: Handbook of Research on Teaching with Virtual Environments and AI]
    The purpose of this theoretical chapter is to develop a one-stop checklist that assists educators in providing online teaching grounded in the principles of culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP), Universal Design for Learning (UDL), ubiquitous learning (u-learning), and seamless learning. The authors explore how these paradigms inform the intentional design of learner-centered approaches in online learning environments and what an integrated approach could look like. This chapter will be relevant for faculty in higher education aiming to offer online curricula that emphasize active, collaborative, constructive, authentic, and goal-directed learning.
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    Strategies to support teachers in designing culturally responsive curricula in online learning environments
    (IGI Global, 04/2019) Nussli, Natalie; Guan, Yu; Oh, Kevin; Kyei-Blankson, Lydia; Blankson, Joseph; Ntuli, Esther [in: Care and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Online Settings]
    The purpose of this theoretical chapter is to identify strategies that help educators develop online learning curricula to meet the needs of culturally diverse students. The first part of this chapter offers insights into culturally responsive teaching (CRT) from multiple perspectives. Specifically, the authors explore the importance of CRT in teacher education programs, how to evaluate teachers' cultural competencies, how to initiate the transformation process into culturally responsive educators, how teachers perceive the value of CRT programs, what pre-service and novice teachers typically struggle with in their attempts to teach diverse student populations, and how students perceive cultural diversity. The second part of the chapter is dedicated to an in-depth discussion of practical approaches to developing culturally responsive online curricula for both 2D and 3D learning environments, how to prepare faculty to meet the needs of diverse students in online courses, and how to stimulate pre-service teachers' reflections on CRT.
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    Using video-aided self-reflection to prepare novice special education teachers: Meeting the diverse needs of students
    (IGI Global, 08/2017) Davis, Jason P.; Oh, Kevin; Nussli, Natalie; Djoub, Zineb [in: Fostering reflective teaching practice in pre-service education]
    The growing diversity of America’s public schools has created pressure for universities and teacher preparation programs to develop strategies to aid novice teachers in meeting a variety of student needs. In addition to cultural and linguistic differences, special education teachers must also be prepared to meet the variety of academic, social, and emotional needs of students identified with disabilities. To accomplish this, studies investigating the potential of video based reflection to impact novice and pre-service teachers’ ability to implement pedagogical theory into practice have increased. This chapter examines the use of video as a tool to engage novice special education teachers’ reflection on the implementation of culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP), differentiated instruction (DI), and universal design for learning (UDL).
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