Leimstoll, Uwe

Leimstoll, Uwe


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    Legal Requirements for the Personalization of Commercial Internet Applications in Europe
    (Taylor & Francis, 2006) Schubert, Petra; Kummer, Mathias; Leimstoll, Uwe [in: Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce]
    Most e-commerce applications require the collection and storing of information about customers. As a consequence, the performed transactions involve legal issues. For three years, the authors have been involved in a project that studies the potentials of personalization of e-commerce systems from the particular angle of SMEs. The paper picks up a couple of scenarios that many e-commerce vendors face when implementing personalization on their Web sites. The specific focus of the discussion is the legal use of costumer profiles for e-commerce applications. Since most legal issues are difficult to understand for non-lawyers the paper makes use of a case study, which shows explicitly what e-commerce vendors need to keep in mind when implementing personalization on their Web sites.
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    Personalization of E-Commerce Applications in SMEs: Conclusions from an Empirical Study in Switzerland
    (IGI Global, 2004) Schubert, Petra; Leimstoll, Uwe [in: Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations]
    Personalization of e-commerce applications is an issue that is gaining increasing importance with the advancing maturity of such systems. There is already e-commerce software on the market offering integrated E-shop and personalization functions. However, the available software is too time-consuming and expensive for SMEs. With this in mind we saw a need to investigate the potential for personalization from the particular angle of SMEs. In addition to some theoretical fundamentals of personalization, this paper presents the results of an empirical study. With the help of a survey we investigated the application potential for personalization tools in Swiss companies. The conclusions show that SMEs are (still) skeptical towards e-commerce applications which use personalization. It furthermore becomes clear that the heterogeneity of organizational and technical conditions impedes the development of standardized tools.
    01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift